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Your HealiCrystal® wellness set comes with several devices that enable you to experience a wide range of therapies. Learn how to use your product to make the most of its benefits.

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Learn about your coverage in case anything happens to your wellness set.

5-year protection plan

You can enjoy even greater peace of mind with our premium 3-year protection plan. Find out more details.

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Refunds policy

We're confident that you'll adore your HealiCrystal® wellness set and won't want to part with it. However, we need to provide you with the necessary information in the unlikely event that you do.

Lifetime Trade-in

We are pleased to offer the world's best Lifetime Trade-In Policy. Regardless of the condition of your FIR mat and cushion or whether your set is still under warranty, you can always send it to us and use its value to pay for a new product.

Lifetime upgrade

If you ever decide you'd like a bigger or more advanced wellness set, upgrading your current one is a simple process.