premium 5-year accidental protection plan


5-Year Accidental Protection Plan Terms & Conditions

At HealiCrystal®, we understand that life can be unpredictable, and accidents can happen. That's why we offer you the option to purchase our Premium 5-Year Accidental Protection Plan, commonly referred to as the Accident Plan. This plan provides valuable coverage against accidental damage that may occur during the normal use of your product.

Here's what you need to know

about our Accident Plan:

  • You can opt for this plan by paying just 15% of the retail price of your product at the time of purchase or within 60 days of placing your order.

  • The Accident Plan offers protection against a range of accidental mishaps, including scratches, exposure to wetness, sweat, water damage, pet-related incidents, dirt, burns, or extensive use that might lead to malfunction. It even covers stolen items, provided you can submit a verifiable police report.

  • It's important to reach out to our HealiCrystal® support team if an accident occurs with your product. Our representatives will guide you through the process, and you'll be asked to describe the situation, as well as provide your order number or any valid proof of purchase for your product. If you purchased the Accident Plan within 60 days of your initial order, please have the order confirmation for that purchase handy. Please note that all replacements covered by the Accident Plan are subject to a 20% deductible cost based on the retail price. Additionally, customers are responsible for covering the shipping costs both ways.

  • Keep in mind that Accident Plans are exclusively available for non-discontinued items.

Here are some important terms and conditions related to the Premium 5-Year Accident Coverage Plan:

  • The cost of Accident Plans is set at 15% of the retail price of the product. Please note that coupon codes or discounts cannot be applied to Accident Plans.

  • If you decide to purchase an Accident Plan within 60 days of placing your order, please contact us at Ensure you select the correct product and provide documentation of your receipt associated with the product you're purchasing the Accident Plan for.

  • For orders containing multiple items, Accident Plans must be individually purchased for each product. For instance, if you are buying two wellness sets and choose to purchase only one Accident Plan, it will cover only one set. To have both sets covered by the Accident Plan, you will need to include two Accident Plans in your cart.

  • Accident Plans can be purchased solely for orders made on and are not applicable to purchases made through any other vendor or distributor.

  • Please be aware that Accident Plans become void after two replacements during the coverage period.

We want to ensure that your HealiCrystal® product continues to bring you the benefits you love, even in the face of unexpected accidents. Our Accident Plan provides the peace of mind you need to enjoy your product to the fullest.