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Lifetime Upgrade Policy

At HealiCrystal®, we offer a hassle-free Lifetime Upgrade Policy. If you ever decide you want a larger or more advanced wellness set, it's easy to upgrade your current one. Here's how it works: send us your product, and once we verify that it's fully functional, we'll give you full credit for your product's Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

Here are the details:

Please note that to use your credit in full, the new purchase must be at least twice the MSRP of your current set. If you're looking to upgrade to a new set with an MSRP less than twice that of your current set, you can use your credit to cover a maximum of 50% of the new set's price. You'll need to pay the balance in cash.

As long as your FIR mat and cushion are in good, working condition, you can send your set in with the assistance of our customer service team, and you'll receive a credit for its MSRP that will be applied to your new purchase(s).

Customers are responsible for all shipping expenses.

For example: If you have a $500 HealiCrystal® set in good working condition and you're looking to upgrade to a more advanced or larger set priced at $1,000 or more, you can send in your current set and receive a 100% credit for its MSRP ($500) towards your new purchase. If you choose to upgrade to a set with an $800 MSRP, $400 of your credit will be applied to the purchase, and you'll need to cover the remaining $400 out-of-pocket. It doesn't matter where or when you purchased your original set – as long as it's an original HealiCrystal® product, it's eligible for an upgrade. Customers must provide valid proof of purchase regardless of where it was purchased.

Terms and Conditions for the Lifetime Upgrade:
  • Customers are responsible for all shipping expenses associated with this program.

  • Before returning their product, customers must contact the HealiCrystal® Support Team and obtain a return goods authorization (RGA) code.

  • Upgrade codes cannot be combined with any other coupons or codes.

  • If you choose to return a product that was purchased with Upgrade Credit, your credit will be returned to you, and you'll receive a refund of the out-of-pocket cost (excluding shipping costs).

  • In the rare case of customer dishonesty, scams, false publications, or abuse offenses related to HealiCrystal® or its personnel, HealiCrystal® reserves the right to void any warranty or refuse policy.

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