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designed with your well-being in mind

Explore Your Perfect Mat with HealiCrystal Emerald Collection:

1. HealiCrystal Emerald Full Pro Mat - Supreme Comfort: - Immerse yourself in the ultimate luxury with our largest gemstone mat. - Perfect for those craving maximum comfort, providing full-body warmth. - An ideal fit for spacious areas like master bedrooms or dedicated relaxation spaces.

2. HealiCrystal Emerald Full Body Mat - Timeless Wellness: - A classic choice for full-body relaxation seekers. - Strikes a perfect balance between size and comfort. - Ideal for use in bedrooms, living rooms, or yoga spaces.

3. HealiCrystal Emerald Full Short Mat - Versatile Healing: - A versatile choice suitable for various users. - Offers a well-rounded experience without the bulk of the Full Pro Mat. - Perfect for settings ranging from bedrooms to meditation spaces.

4. HealiCrystal Emerald Medium Mat - Targeted Relief: - Focuses on the back, providing concentrated relief for specific discomfort. - Compact and easy to place in any room. - Tailored solution for those needing targeted relief.

5. HealiCrystal Emerald Small Mat - On-the-Go Comfort: - The most compact option, ideal for those on the move or office use. - Portable and convenient for gemstone benefits wherever you go. - Perfect for quick relaxation breaks during work.

Choosing Your Mat: - Select based on intended usage and available space. - Consider specific needs; Full Pro or Full Body for full-body comfort, Medium for targeted relief. - Assess space: Larger mats for spacious areas, Small Mat for tight spaces or travel. - Remember, each mat is an investment in your well-being.

In Summary: HealiCrystal’s Infrared Mats cater to diverse lifestyles. Choose the mat aligning with your needs, space, and comfort. This investment leads to a healthier and more relaxed you, a valuable addition to your well-being routine.