what is jade?

Jade is a fabulous silicate mineral, famous for its association with East Asian art. It falls under the Jadeite class of minerals and belongs to the monoclinic crystal system. While Jade is most renowned for its lovely shades of green, it can also be found in captivating colors like red, white, brown, lavender, purple, and orange. The meaning of Jade encompasses confidence, acceptance, and good health, making it a treasured gem with positive vibes!

jade history

Joyous Jade is a renowned healing crystal that's believed to bring heaps of good luck to those who wear it. While many associate Jade with Chinese medicine and healing, its history and impact stretch far beyond one continent. This blessed stone has been around for millennia, leaving its mark across the globe in various tribes, towns, and connections that weave through our world. Jade can be traced back to China, Russia, the USA, and more.

In New Zealand, tribes adorned their masks with Jade and turned to its mystical powers when making offerings to water spirits. The Spanish called Jade "Piedra de Hijada," meaning Stone of the Loin, acknowledging its positive effects on healing the bladder and kidney issues. In China, Jade holds a special place of reverence, gracing jewelry, statues, and divine deities. There are two main types of Jade - Jadeite and Nephrite. Jadeite, also known as Imperial Jade, is rarer and more precious, while Nephrite Jade has a shiny, resin-like luster in its green color. Rich in calcium-magnesium, Jade not only illuminates the spiritual world but also aids in nervous system healing.

Ancient cultures considered Jade to be a Dream Stone, prized for its metaphysical magic, emotional healing, dreamwork, and connection to higher realms. On the earthly plane, Jade serves as an amulet for good luck, a talisman for inviting abundance, and a stone of serene peace and well-being.

jade varieties

Green Jade is the healing stone shade we're most familiar with, but the real Jade meaning goes beyond that. Jade comes in a wide range of colors, each offering its own charm. The perfect shade of Jade for you depends on what you seek in a healing crystal, but all types bring luck, courage, and plenty of joy to the wearer. So, explore the colorful world of Jade and find the one that resonates with you!

blue jade

Gorgeous Blue Jade is all about peace and reflection. It's like gazing into a deep, still water pond, inviting you to sit quietly in your soul, explore your dreams, and not worry about the ripples because deep down, all is well. So take a moment to relax, connect with your inner self, and let the calming essence of Blue Jade wash over you.

white jade

Soft and stunning, White Jade is all about helping to clear your mind of distractions and keeping things in perspective. It's a fantastic aid for those who find decision making a challenge. So if you need a little clarity and focus in your life, White Jade is here to lend a helping hand!

red jade

black jade

Embrace the vibrant and powerful burst of energy with Red Jade! Ignite your soul and conquer those fears that have been holding you back. Get ready to soar with the bold and daring energy of Red Jade!

Black Jade, like the enchanting midnight sky, brings protection and grounding to your life. It encourages you to break free from limiting thoughts and patterns, empowering you to reach new heights.

yellow jade

Yellow Jade shines bright with the promise of good fortune and a sunny disposition. It's the perfect crystal to bring positive vibes and good intentions into your life.

lavender jade

Lavender Jade is gentle and peaceful, guiding us to a higher sense of spirituality and healing from past struggles. It allows us to breathe freely and soar to new heights.

imperial jade

The rich green hues of Imperial Jade exude a regal charm. As one of the most prized types of Jade, it offers powerful protection and fosters profound harmony.

orange jade

Orange Jade is a live wire, radiating fiery warmth and a stimulating energy that's simply amazing. It's all about life, love, and the good stuff, making it a glorious pick-me-up for anyone.

purple jade

Looking for a good aura cleanse? Purple Jade is the go-to stone for spring cleaning those cobwebby corners of your chakras and soul. It's amazing!

brown jade

Brown Jade is all about getting grounded and embracing the energy of Mother Nature. Sink into your roots, find comfort within, and stay steady when life tries to shake you to the core. It's all about embracing that earthly and grounding vibe!

jade healing properties

Jade has a rich history as a protective talisman, always cherished for its good luck charms. It's believed that the universe showers Jade with good fortune, and it generously shares that luck with those who embrace it. Beyond luck, Jade is a versatile gem that offers healing on emotional, spiritual, and physical levels. Discover the radiant healing benefits of beautiful Jade!

physical healing properties

Jade is not only an emotional and spiritual powerhouse but also a skilled healer for the body. With its potent cleansing properties, Jade can work wonders in aiding organs to heal from toxins. It is particularly effective in supporting the kidneys, bladder, and spleen, while also promoting balanced fluid systems in the body. Moreover, Jade is known for its ability to boost the body's ability to fight infections and its cooling touch can help reduce fevers. Many turn to Jade to encourage the body's natural healing process. Additionally, for those facing sexual challenges, Jade can serve as a libido booster.

mental & emotional healing properties

Jade has a keen intuition for supporting mental and emotional well-being. This empowering stone helps dispel negative thought patterns and grants you the courage and wisdom to trust your own inner guidance. It encourages self-sufficiency, allowing you to stand confidently on your own two feet. Building self-sufficiency is vital for boosting self-esteem, moving through life with confidence, and nurturing your soul. Jade is deeply connected to ideas of purity, not in the sense of denying your shadow side, but in fostering a clear and calm mind to embrace every aspect of yourself. It's all about soaking in self-love and cultivating a lasting sense of acceptance.

metaphysical properties

Jade is a true spiritual powerhouse, deeply connected to the heart chakra. If you're looking to cleanse negative energy and find harmony with the world, Jade's gentle and shimmering vibes will captivate you. The heart chakra is the epicenter of trust, love, and compassion. It goes beyond romantic love, shaping how we interact with the world and all its inhabitants. This chakra is instrumental in building beautiful friendships, nurturing loving family bonds, and fostering a strong sense of self-love. Jade is the perfect companion to open your heart to these powerful connections.

zodiac birthstone

Jade is a real bundle of positivity and its connection to the heart makes it a favorite for many star signs. It doesn't limit itself to just one sign but spreads joy across several of them. Taurus, Gemini, Libra, and Aries all adore its calming touch, self-assured nature, and ability to ground and nurture the heart.

Taureans have so many wonderful qualities, but they can sometimes struggle with self-doubt. With Jade by their side, Taurus signs can strengthen their belief in themselves and shake off those second-guessing thoughts.

For Geminis, Jade is a valuable amulet to help them align with people and experiences. Geminis are fun-loving creatures, but they can be indecisive and tend to please others at their own expense. Jade steps in to bring certainty and opens their hearts to abundance and self-assurance.