The holistic benefits of stone therapy

Welcome to the domain of HealiCrystal mats, designed for home-based stone therapy. Our mats incorporate natural amethysts, generating therapeutic effects through controlled heating. Augmented by infrared light and photons, our approach is comprehensive. Additionally, a foil blanket is included, providing a sauna-like component to the set.

The holistic benefits of stone therapy, particularly with amethysts, are noteworthy. Alleviating muscle spasms and back pain, our mats contribute to improved skin quality. The application of infrared light extends these benefits, addressing tension and fostering overall well-being.

In this paradigm, muscle tension dissipates, and back pain finds respite. HealiCrystal's stone therapy mats offer a holistic journey, incorporating the therapeutic effects of amethysts and infrared rays – a nuanced approach for mental and physical well-being.