Far Infrared Heating and Men's Fertility

Healthy individuals without diabetic neuropathy or reduced sensitivity to temperature changes should be aware that certain parts of their bodies may be particularly sensitive to heat. It's important to avoid exposing these areas to the heated mat, unless specifically recommended by a healthcare professional.

Always ensure that your head and face remain away from direct contact with heating devices. The brain is very sensitive to heat and should be protected as a top priority. Additionally, if you are aiming to support fertility, it is advisable to steer clear of applying heat to the testicles and genital areas.

For general relaxation and wellness, lying on the mat with low-level heat, taking an occasional hot bath, or enjoying a warm shower should pose no harm. However, it's best to avoid directly applying high heat to the testicular area using a heating pad or infrared mat, unless this is part of a controlled fertility plan supervised by a healthcare professional.

If you choose to lie on your back on a gemstone mat, the far-infrared rays should not penetrate deeply enough to cause harm to the genital area. The depth of penetration is minimal for visible red light, and far and mid-infrared rays can only penetrate a few inches.

Some individuals experience a "bio-resonance" effect from crystal rays or a warmer environment, similar to the heat of summer or a Florida climate. This can stimulate cellular activity, including increased calorie burning and heat production by mitochondria, which may have positive effects on metabolism and immunity.

After using the amethyst mat, you may notice a slight increase in your body temperature, which many naturopaths believe can create a revitalizing environment that benefits enzymes, immunity, and metabolism. There is a book titled "98.6 – Ideal Body Temperature as the Secret to Optimum Health" by Dr. Uwe available on Amazon, which discusses how even a one-degree increase in temperature can boost resistance by up to 50%.

As we age, our metabolism, activity levels, and vitality tend to decrease. Many people flock to Florida from colder regions in the winter to feel younger and more energized. It's an appealing idea to create a similar revitalizing environment at home.

When you expose yourself to heat, your body's thermoregulation systems work to move hot blood and lymph away from areas where far-infrared rays and heat are applied, replacing them with cooler blood and lymph from distant tissues. This can lead to an increase in temperature in larger zones due to improved circulation and heat distribution.

It's important to note that the deeper you apply heat, the less effective the results may be. However, using a professional or appropriately sized far-infrared mat can potentially achieve whole-body hyperthermia, although this is not generally recommended without consulting a healthcare professional.

Dr. Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, a renowned Japanese oncologist, used FIR heating with success, particularly for tumors closer to the body's surface. Treating tumors located deeper within the body posed greater challenges.

In Japan, the Richway Biomat was used for studies, similar to our far-infrared mats but without additional features. For cancer patients, a pair of mats was sometimes used for high-intensity thermotherapy, and they did not protect the genital area.

Some customers occasionally sit on the mat, particularly those dealing with prostatitis, as they believe that heating the buttocks may help reduce nighttime urination. If you do this, ensure that your testicles are not on the mat; instead, sit on the edge of the heating area.

Protecting the genital area is most crucial when lying on the mat on your belly. Typically, two mats are used for a full-body experience, one beneath the leg area and the other under the stomach, leaving space between them for the genitals. Alternatively, you can use two small mats or one small mat under your legs and another under your upper body.

Another option is to create a non-permeable screen for far-infrared rays. This can be achieved by folding a towel multiple times and covering it with several layers of standard aluminum foil. It's effective for shorter sessions and can be placed under the genital area in both positions—lying on your back or belly. A cooling pad can also be placed inside the towel to absorb heating rays.

Far-infrared heat can create an environment conducive to detoxification. Some customers have reported improved erectile function and enhanced sexual life when combining far-infrared heat sessions with healthcare professional-recommended protocols.

In some cases, practitioners and enthusiasts have successfully used far-infrared sessions and magnetic fields to complement the restoration of the hormonal system in recreational athletes who have previously used steroids and developed hypogonadism.

When used sensibly and correctly, the mat should work effectively without any complications related to fertility. However, it's essential to avoid heat stress on the genital and scrotum areas.

Research indicates that normal sperm production depends on maintaining a slightly lower temperature than the body's core temperature. The muscles around the scrotum automatically tighten to lower the testicles when body temperature drops and loosen to allow them to hang when body temperature rises, helping to maintain the ideal temperature for sperm production. This natural thermoregulation works well unless excessive heat is applied.

Sperm cells are heat-sensitive, and the mean temperature in the testicles should ideally be around 90-92°F, not 99°F. It's suggested that scrotal temperatures above 95°F can disrupt spermatogenesis and reduce fertility.

Factors such as sedentary lifestyles and the wearing of tight-fitting pants may interfere with the body's thermoregulation. For instance, scrotal temperature has been found to correlate with sedentary work positions.

Some studies involving long-term exposure to heated floors, as well as heating pads and ultrasound, have shown reversible decreases in testosterone production due to increased scrotal temperature.

In the 1990s, medical science even explored mild testicular heating as a potential reversible and safe contraceptive method for men. Research suggested that exposure to high temperatures (116°F) could affect fertility for months, with some experiments resulting in partial infertility lasting over four years.

Contraceptive methods involving local hyperthermia of the testicles used hot water, ultrasound-generated heat, heating pads, and even holding the testicles inside the abdomen using specialized briefs. Safety studies were conducted, including one involving men with testicular cancer, which found no association between testicular cancer and hot tub or sauna use, tight-fitting underwear, or heat-resistant work clothing.

Most studies confirm that the body's thermoregulation systems work well to maintain a healthy scrotal temperature, unless serious heat stress is intentionally applied for voluntary contraception. Therefore, always be cautious and mindful of your positioning when using the mat, as your body's temperature sensors may not detect the penetrating radiant heating rays from hot crystals in the same way they detect conductive heat.

Remember that your mat's temperature is adjustable, allowing you to find the level that works best for you. Enjoy your experience and prioritize your health!